Vibrant and Imaginative Theatre...
Our Fifteenth Anniversary!

February 2006
Thank you Birmingham for making tick, tick... BOOM!
a part of your summer!

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July 2004

2014 Board of Directors

Executive Board: Chair - Dane Peterson, President - Margaret Marston, Vice President - Hal Word,
Secretary - Carla DuMontier, Treasurer - Catherine Peterson.

Members-at-Large: Lauren Cantrell, Tad Cherry, Beth Kitchin and Veronica Wehby.

July 2001

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...or mail your contribution to: Dane Petersons Theatre, 2008 Third Avenue North, 10C,, Birmingham, AL 35203.

The DPTS is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. All donations are fully tax-deductible.

2014 Membership
As of May 14, 2014

Friends - Under $49.99
Charlotte Lane Dominick
Vicki Goldstein
Hannah Murphy

Donors - $50.00 - $99.99
Lori Allen
Dr. and Mrs. Neal Berte
Adrian and Judy Bewely
Rainey and Henry Campbell
Dorothy Crook
Jason Gaston
Andrew Hammer
Mitch and Tricia Hungerpiller
Phyllis McCombs and Joan Stelling
Dorothiann E. McCray
Ben and Kathryn Miree
Herb Patterson
Bob Penny
M. Bates Redwine
Susan Smith
Camille Sprating and David Seale
Phil Standridge
Jay Tingle

Donors - $100.00 - $299.99
Chris Acker
Jack and Carole Armistead
Sue Ann Bates-Watkins
Alexa Bourne
Gary Bishop
Kay J. Brooks
Camille Butrus
Patrick Cather
Ben Cooper
Megan R. Cottle
Andrew Duxbury and Tommy Thompson
Wanda Elkourie
Gina Falletta
Randy Foster
Donna Holloway
Jan D. Hunter
Beth Kitchin
Polly Kratt and Mary Stewart
Richard Lauer
Margaret Marston
Patty McDonald
Bill and Dianne Mooney
Tracey Nicholson
Kris Olenicki
Lenora Pate and Steven Brickman
Catherine Peterson
Jean and Mallory Pierce
Kim and Brad Riegel
Bradley R. Simmons
Don and Mary Sue Thornburgh
Rick Vice
Veronica Wehby
Dr. Nancy Whitt
Mildred Word

Benefactors - $300.00 - $499.99
Carole D. Barton
Nanci and Stephen Chazen
David Loper
Marvin McConaghy & Ricky Stricklin

Benefactors - $500.00 - $999.99
Joey and Carla DuMontier

Production Sponsors - $1,000.00 - $1,999.99
Louise and John Beard
Tad Cherry
Miriam Kirklin Reed and Les Reed